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About bhyve

bhyve, the "BSD hypervisor", pronounced "beehive" is a hypervisor/virtual machine manager developed on FreeBSD. Find out more at

2017 Winter of Code Crowdfunding

Original FreeBSD Release Engineer Rodney W. Grimes is committing time this winter to top-requested bhyve features and GSoC project code review. Please help support his work with a donation via PayPal: rgrimes at freebsd dot org

We prefer you use your PayPal or bank account as not to incur credit card fees

The AMAZING donors to date in chronological order, newest first:


Richard Maize - $250
Michael Kroes - $25
Curt Dox - $50
netzkommune GmbH - 500€
Graeme Andrews - £20
Michael Zhilin - $25
Vicki Pfau - Asus AMD Motherboard, CPU and Cooler
Kelly Hays - $25
Ivan Tiutiunnyk - $50


Bridger - $50
Jason Tubnor - $50
Michael Kroes - $10
Lars Engels - $75
Fabian Wörner - 10 Euro
HardenedBSD - $100
$1000 USD to date!
Anonymous in the name of the late, great Vera Rubin and Carrie Fisher - $70
Adam McDougall - $100
Barry van Someren - $250
Benedict Reuschling - $50
Mischa Peters - $150
Trent Thompson - $80
Bryan Vyhmeister - Supermicro X9DAi motherboard with Xeon E5 2620's
Anonymous - $100
Allan Jude - $200 - Supermicro SC745-TQ Deskside Chassis

Hardware Wanted: An Intel Kaby Lake system

Please contact Michael Dexter with offers, question and how you would like your name to appear

Donations might be tax deductible as business marketing or development but not in the nonprofit/NGO sense. Consult with your tax advisor

Upcoming Events

bhyvecon Tokyo 2017

The fourth annual bhyvecon Tokyo will take place in March, 2017 during the AsiaBSDCon tutorials

Find out more at