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About bhyve

bhyve, the "BSD hypervisor" is a hypervisor/virtual machine manager developed on FreeBSD and relies on modern CPU features such as Extended Page Tables (EPT) and VirtIO network and storage drivers. bhyve was officially released on January 20th, 2014 as part of FreeBSD 10.0.

Upcoming Events

Supercomputing 2014

Visit the bhyve Hypervisor booth #3461 at Supercomputing 2014 in New Orleans!

bhyve will have a 10X10' corner booth at this truly unique technical event. Contact Michael Dexter if you are interested in supporting this effort.

MeetBSD California 2014

Meet the bhyve developers at MeetBSD California 2014 in San Jose November 1st and 2nd. bhyve was a direct result of two days of MeetBSD 2010 unconference sessions!