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bhyve, the "BSD hypervisor", pronounced "beehive" is a hypervisor/virtual machine manager available on FreeBSD, macOS, and Illumos. The Agenda and Minutes from the by-weekly bhyve conference calls are available online and organizers are pleased to report that several stalled bhyve developement efforts have been resumed.

bhyvecon is the only conference dedicated to BSD Hypervisors including FreeBSD/Illumos bhyve, FreeBSD/NetBSD Xen, OpenBSD vmm, and NetBSD Xen/nvmm/HAXM.


The BSD Hypervisor Conference

  • 2019

    bhyvecon Ottawa

    The first bhyvecon Ottawa took place Tuesday, May 14th at the University of Ottawa, a full day before the BSDCan Tutorial sessions. Thank you you all for attending!

  • 2019

    bhyvecon Tokyo

    The sixth annual bhyvecon Tokyo took place March 20th, 2019 a day before the AsiaBSDCon tutorials.

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